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Are Newsletters Still Effective?

A newsletter is a published work containing an announcement or specific news. One of the primary objectives of a newsletter is to create and maintain a relationship with your audience. Any newsletter can take the form of a condense newspaper.

With an increasing amount of people spending more time on their technology devices. You may have asked yourself which form of newsletter distribution is better? Printed or Electronically?

Rather electronic or print, a newsletter is still an effective means to internal and external communication. It allows you to be creative, covers a wide range of information, and it’s a profitable marketing tool.

A few pros about Newsletters:

  • Individuals or businesses can get their information out fast
  • Individuals or businesses can target a large audience
  • Newsletters can be affordable to publish and distribute
  • Newsletters can be precise and to the point
  • Newsletters help to keep the reader inform
  • Contains features that interest your audience
  • Gives an opportunity to convey a message
  • Can be distributed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Newsletters encourages a Call-to-Action

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